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Developed for cars, Rapid Car & Off road module is the perfect optional that matches the modern electronically-managed diesel propellers.
As it does not exceed the mechanical tolerance and the safety limits of the original ECU, the module allows to optimise power and torque while taking advantage of the full potentiality of the car.
Torque, in particular, is the key-parameter for a good driving feeling, for safety thanks to the pickup during overtaking and for fuel consumption, so allowing to use the higher driving gears.
Thanks to the calibration console you can adjust the module’s parameters, for instance you can change the starting point from which the module modifies performance and calibrating the modification according to the use and type of vehicle.
The Rapid modules have a wide range of applications, from economy cars to bigger station wagons, from SUVs to off-roads and light commercial vehicles.
The solution will therefore be unique and professional since quality is always to the fore.
The experience gained over twenty years in the automotive sector allows Dimsport to be at the cutting edge for research and development of new technologies (so keeping up with what offered as original), which also means launching products that are continuously updated according to the market needs and requirements as well as offering a complete and useful solution to customers.
It is important to mention that also Race OBD and BDM tools are part of Dimsport Tuning line. Please consult the specific documentation and the application lists for more information.

With more than hundred thousand modules manufactured since 1995

Rapid Plug&Play tools represent today a solid name and a well established working concept for the optimisation of the engine working: an effective solution interacting with the advanced technology of engine management systems of turbo diesel and now forturbo petrol, too.

The superior characteristics of this add-on module and the reliability guaranteed in the years thanks to the use of standard-automotive components allowed Rapid by Dimsport to stand out from a whole series of products from the competition, poorer quality imitations.


Rapid is activated only in special engine operating conditions, managed by pre-set parameters, according to the vehicle on which it is installed. The modules operate without interfering with the vehicle standard electronic system, thus not triggering any diagnostic fault or working trouble. The vehicle ECU is therefore not affected while monitoring the vital parameters of the engine mechanics. Wiring connections are conceived to facilitate the installation on the vehicles: more than 80% of the applications are provided with original connectors, for easy “Plug&Play” links. Rapid modules have been designed by Dimsport so they can be connected to different vehicles by just replacing its wiring.


In addition to car and off-road applications, add-on modules are widely requested for commercial vehicles, mid & heavy duty vehicles and even for agricultural applications (tractors, harvesters, etc) to increase the work efficiency. Rapid Marine completes the range reaching the marine industry..


Rapid is always supplied with detailed and illustrated operative manuals allowing the tuner to perform step-by-step operations. Moreover, Dimsport installers are constantly supported with hints, technical suggestions, power & torque diagrams and information about the resultant engine performance: always on hand to lend assistance when doubts arise. Intensive training sessions, a call centre with dedicated lines and a specific online support guarantee a satisfactory technical & commercial exchange of information.


The range of Rapid modules presents solutions to support the latest technologies in Automotive, applied to both Turbo Diesel and Turbo Petrol engines. A deep analysis concerning the technical features of these modules cannot exclude a description of the different techniques conceived to manage the engine working, all of them part of a unique concept: Rapid. The fundamental aspect, common for all the modules developed by Dimsport, is the respect of the safety and protection limits of the original ECU, like the self-adaptiveness of the on-board electronics, the management of the diesel particulate filter and the crucial parameters related to the working of the propeller, etc.


The range of modules available for Turbo Diesel engines includes several hardware platforms for the management of the different injection systems. These engineering solutions have been conceived to allow the highest flexibility in the engine calibration and to maximise its performance.

Two general techniques can be identified in their working features: calibration and optimisation of the diesel pressure in the rail and calibration of the injectors’ duty-cycle.
The first approach allows to customise the working of the engine and flow of diesel thanks to a different setting of the signal related to the injection pressure of diesel inside the rail. Absolute pros of this approach are the general optimisation of the engine torque and the extremely simplicity of the installing procedure thanks to a reduced number of wiring.
The calibration of the opening time of the injectors (injectors’ duty-cycle) allows to operate selectively in the managing of the specific signals of each injector, so being able to work on time of injection and quantity of fuel in an accurate way.

 The connection is directly on injection through cables specifically developed for each application. This approach requires the development of modules that are particularly evolved for their microprocessor, FLASH eprom and RAM eprom, so to have the complete control of the injection parameters. The result is a module that can support considerable increases in performance of the vehicle even if with a multiple injection, like for instance pre/post injections needed for the management of the diesel particulate filter.

The calibration console allows further adjustments on the parameters previously set: not only the overall performance, but also activation threshold, torque/power increases, etc. tailor-made performances, customised according to the vehicle features and the customers’ needs.


 Leading name in the world of the additional module applied to Turbo Diesel engines for over 20 years, Rapid range now extends its application field introducing a new development for the latest generation of Turbo Petrol engines.

Direct result of the long experience matured, since 1991, in the re-calibration of the Engine Control Units for this type of propellers, the operative approach developed for Rapid allows the customisation of the engine working in accordance with air flow, inlet manifold pressure, boost pressure, engine rpm.

 To support this technology, Dimsport developed a new generation of Rapid modules, further evolution of what previously released: a new hardware platform provided with CPU, Flash Eprom and RAM EEprom, not only suitable to control the specific sensors involved in this management, but also able to operate on the CAN BUS network of the vehicle.

Also for this specific version of the module, the installation is achieved through Plug&Play connectors specifically released to link to the relevant sensors of each vehicle supported.
All Rapid modules have been conceived not to interfere with the vehicle standard electronic system, thus not triggering any diagnostic fault or working trouble. The vehicle ECU is therefore not affected while monitoring the vital parameters of the engine mechanics and still maintains the auto-adaptive system. Thanks to the calibration console or by means of a dedicated, optional software (available for Rapid for Turbo Petrol only), professional installers can set the parameters which determine the engine performance, the perfect customisation of torque and power delivery according to your clients’ request!

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